Thursday, 26 April 2012

Final Branding Video

Now that I have gone through the process of video editing through Final Cut and soundtrack editing through Audacity I uploaded my final video onto youtube.

Below is the final outcome of my viral.

Sound editing for Branding Viral

 The sound track I have selected to be included in my viral is way over the length of my 1 minute and 8 second video so i opened the track into audacity to alter the length and to alter the volume towards the end of the video.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Branding in Context. Viral Work

For the second brief for my branding in context modual we are required to make a viral video using stop motion and flash or a number of video clips edited in Final Cut Express. I started this project by looking at a few existing virals. The one above is of another university so I thought it may be of some use. Unfortunatly this particular video doesnt really suggest a design based course.


I have then looked at a promotional video that relates to the university of wolverhampton as a whole. This is a very professional viral which include the range of different facilities and courses that the uni offers.

 After looking into a couple existing videos I started to brainstorm some ideas about what could be included in my viral video and things that could be important to the course.

The next brainstorm I made was focusing on the topic I had chosen and what could happen during the 1 minute video. 

I decided that I wanted to focus a lot on the students that attend and the journey to the particular floors.

Below are a few design sheets where I have gone through some story boarding ideas and shown what I would like to be happening during the video.

On this particular story board i was looking at the start of my video including a sped up shot of students entering the building. My reasoning for having them sped up and blurred out was so that the viewer didnt feel issolated and could see themselves in that very situation. 

In the next section I was thinking of including the lift and focusing in on the floor 3 button and the led screen moving its way upto the graphics floor.
Once the lift opens there is a sign when you enter through the doors that tells you that its the graphic communication section and I will use that as an image that will slowly fade out once the next section has begun to play. 

 Because the course is obviously aimed at students the next section of this particular storyboard would include a variation of shots from different angles of someone doing their work.

Below is another story board idea. Again here I was looking to use blurred out shots of students. This time however i was looking at this to illustrate the energy of the art school. To show that its always busy and there is always somthing going on.

It would begin with a shot from outside the building of students filing into the uni. The next shot would be the same as the first on my initial idea where students are entering the building. Instead of using the lift I was thinking about using the same technique and having lots of students zooming up and down. I feel this would make the whole viral come together because the same techniques are being used.

Once the video starts on the third floor I was thinking about using the cross dissolve effect to show a number of different pieces of work displayed on the walls of the third and second floor.

 To finish of this particular video off i was thinking about showing a group of students walking down the corridor. The reason behind this is because i feel this way it will give a friendly atmosphere to the uni and it will also show the various rooms available to graphic students.

This is another story board that i have developed onto.

Because I liked the idea of portraying the energy created by the students I again wanted to include sped up sections of video of people walking in from both the outside and inside angle.
I was also thinking about using this technique when it came to the lift by setting up my tripod and filming one person and then a group of people over laying the first image and that way one student will stand out from the crowd. 

I will use pieced of work from the walls again and a student doing work while others rush and mill around them. At the end I want to follow my video with my inspirational quote.

Below is the brain storm of quotes I have found to represent the course.

 Now that I have got the basis of my viral idea down I started to shoot sections of it so that I could begin altering it in final cut.

These photos are screen shots of my intial starting sequence. I want to have these two students walking in and then from the inside of the building i want to overlay them on another image of a sped up version of students entering.

These are the two students from the previous shot above and below is a tiny section of the sped up overlay.

The next section i wanted to film two sections of video focused on the lift. The first section will be of just one student entering and then overlayed there will be a sped up video of a large group going into the same lift.

these are a couple screen shots of the normal paced video section. And below are a couple of screen shots from the section i will speed up and overlay ontop of the origional.

Once the lift closes there will be a section of video from the inside of the lift opening up and showing the sign of floor three, this will then fade out using a cross dissolve to show a number or different pieces of work from the walls.

These are the images that I will be featuring in my viral video. Each one will fade out to show the next. And to keep with the theme of masses of energetic people about the place I have recorded a section of film where students are walking back and forth across a blank wall. I will use this piece of video to overlay these images.

The final section before the inspirational quote and the university logo I wanted to include a view of one of the studios and someone working on their project.
Again this will be over layed by rushing students.

For the music for this design I was thinking of a really happy and upbeat song. So I decided on the music in the video below.


Branding in Context Poster work

The first bried we were given for branding in our second semester was to design a poster to represent the course that we are on which is BA[Hons] Graphic Communication at Wolverhampton University.
The idea was to represent both the course and the university as a whole to try and encourage potential students to chose Wolverhampton over other uni's.

The following four images are close ups of my initial brain storm focusing on what the poster needs to focus on and some possible design approaches that could be taken.

These images are of the second brainstorm I created at the start of the project. This particular brainstorm was focused more on the brand values the course holds.
Things about what makes the course at Wolverhampton better or stand out more that other places.
These are the type of assets I would need to put across through the imagery and strapline for the poster.

Below are pages from my flipfile that I used to gather research and generate initial ideas.

This is the overall view of my first research sheet and further on I have focused on the annotation of the page.
These posters caught my eye because they are a set but yet each one is very different. I likes the illustrations and the variation in the bright colours on each one. These designs inspired me to try and create a graphic course version. One issue I found with this idea was that University of Wolverhampton or even Graphic Communication are very long and wouldnt fit the same way the title of 11 does.

The image below is of a poster I found whilst researching in a book called Poster-Art by Charlotte Rivers.
This poster was greated by a UK based design group called Laki and I chose to include it in my work because i found the use of tiling old magazine covers for the magazine AURA worked quite effectively. This poster also relates to the brief because there isnt any use of colour which is one of our requirements, to make a greyscale poster.

Again here I am showing another research page. I have included the grey scale poster because I like the way the image was masked through the text, although it is easy to make out the letter forms it is also really easy to make out the image behind it aswel.
The second poster on this page was used to advertise a film. I liked the use of illustration and hand rendered typography, I thought this style related well to what sort of things a student can be expected to produce if they were to chose Wolverhampton.

There is a lot of annotation on this following image. The why not poster was included because I liked the energy it gave off from the colours and the shapes that were chosen to help generate the question mark. Another point I made in my annotation about that particular poster was the way the "why not" has been cropped slightly to create a dynamic allignment with the infomations about the cause.
The Muller-Brockman poster of the lady holding her ears was particularly interesting to me cause of how the impact of the poster is given through the image and we dont even have to know what the text says to understand it. Another thing I liked about that poster was the angle the text had been layed to follow the direction of the womans face.

These two posters were created as a pair and I have included them in my research because I liked the young and fun feeling both the colours and the shapes give off. The wording of these posters are very casual and humerous aswel so I thought that if I were to take the same approach with my course poster it may stand out to the younger generation more because it is more on their level.

This is the final page of my research, these three posters have a more military approach to them. I have used them because I feel they are very persuasive. On the bottom two of these posters I like the lines and shapes that the designers have used, I could recreate a similar design with angles that the building and corridors create aroung the university.

With designs I started off by putting my own twist on some of the posters I had seen and making them relate to the course and the brand values of the university.

this is a close up of the images that i generated on the above page. On the top image I was thinking about using a very text heavy design and using text as image. The idea of crossing lines was to show the idea of paths your journey in life can take when you take a university course like this one.
The second design was inspired by Jan Tschichold and i was thinking about visualising a number of different elements of the university coming off the logo.

For this page of ideas I have taken the photo of each half. The urban design poster was another that I found whilst researching that I didnt include before. It reminded me of the Gunter Grass poster with the image being masked through the text, this poster used a similar idea but alternated the design on each word.

 These are a few of the images I took to help develop this initial idea. I wanted to include students at work in some way in my poster design to show views how easy going it is on the course and how readily available equipement is to student.

 This is the second side to that particular design sheet which shows how my idea developed on screen. I've also talkes about the use of font. this particuar design isnt complete because it is missing the university address and contact details.

this is another page where I have focused on developement of an idea, this is the first half of the page where I have shown the poster that has inspired me and I have then changed this to suit my idea. The problem with this design I feel is that it is far too similar to the research and doesnt feel like my own work.

Around the third floor which is home to the graphics course there are very neutral white brick walls. this is so that work from students can go on display without being over shadowed by the corridor decoration so I have used this in the background of this poster to give it more texture and depth.

Whilst st uni I was walking around the third floor between rooms and noticed that the lights cast a strange reflection onto the glossy black floor. This gave me an idea for a poster to promote the course.

I took a photo of the reflection there and then because I thought it resembles a road. The idea I got from this was that life is a journey which is associated with roads, this gave me the strap line "the creative road to success"
Below is the design sheet and the poster that I created from this image.

Here is my computer generated version of this particular design. Although I think the poster works well as a poster I dont think the concept comes together to give the message of a design course and I think this is a crusial part of this brief.

After a range of different ideas I have decided to develop one of my very first concepts where there are lines overlapping to create the idea of paths that are created by joining the course.

This was my first idea but this time I have altered the title to relate more to the design aspect and creative side of the course. I have initially gone for create your future and join BA[Hons] Graphic Communication.

After I had created the poster which included the corridor I made a connection between the idea of paths crossing and the idea of a creative road to success so on this sketch I have switched out one of the lines and have replaced it with the floor of the uni corridor.

I have then developed the previous sketch so that the design is more visually appealing and the structure flows better. From here I can get the design onto photoshop and begin adding in imagery and modifying the allignments on the design.

This is how the design looked once I had gotten it onto screen. As you can see I have inserted the image of the corridor floor and I have also masked the image of the brick walls of the corridor through create your future.
I have also alligned the course name with the angle of the corridor image.

  On this version I have looked to see what the poster would look like with out the masked through wall and I have also inserted an image of some students in a lecture that I had taken. I think this approach could work well if I decide to fill the other spaced with images associated with the course also.

 Because I was finding it difficult to place the university logo and adress I decided to scrap the use of the and sign and use the word instead which allowed my to place the corridor image at any angle i wanted. I also found it pretty difficult to read the uni information when it was placed over an image so i have used a second corridor to create a blank section. Another thing I have altered on this design other than including an image of the building is to add "be inspired" to the strap line. I think this now related to how the course is very close knit and that inspiration seeps out of current students.

And this is the final poster that I have decided on. I chose to add a close up image of a cutting mat from the uni base room to add more texture and tone to the whole piece. I blurred out the image of the students slightly so that it isnt recognisable to who it could be which almost says "this could be you" and I placed this image next to a very crisp image of the front of the art and design building itself. Overall I am very happy with the outcome of this brief and feel that this poster would help to encourage more young people to join the graphics course.