Monday, 27 February 2012

For my graphic stratagies modual we are taking the same topic from our principles modual and creating a microsite and a viral. As the idea I came up with was a company and event to promote the reading of books through discovering a passion or reading I decided for the basis of my microsite an old and aged book would add to the effect. 
So that I could easily manipulate the text on the pages I bought a hard back sketchbook and stained the pages using vinegar and tea and placing the book into the oven for a short time. I then decided that the origional cover looked too new so I made what looks like a leather cover with my logo on the from on photoshop.
The above image is the final outcome.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Graphic Principles Proposal

I’ve chosen to base my graphic principles module around the idea of promoting the reading of books over e-readers. Technology is very much a part of peoples lives now and less and less people are choosing the traditional sources of entertainment for the computer consoles and TV. People used to say that they would never replace their cassettes for CD’s but it came to a point where they had no choice as the public demand of the new technology completely pushed the cassette out and these people would then have to invest in the CD’s if they wanted to listen to music. The introduction and popularity of e-readers may result in a similar situation happening where the demand for printed books become highly reduced to a point where authors decide their best target audience are that of the e-readers and stop printing their novels.
I wish to focus my campaign on encouraging the public as a whole to increase the amount of reading they do. This campaign can be focused on all age groups as a whole to up the sales of books but also I think that teenagers and young adults are generally the age group that reads the least because they find it un-cool and boring. So my organisation as a whole should appeal to all ages but make reading more interesting to the younger generation.
It may be a good thing to include points that reading can be enjoyable and they may potentially benefit from the experience academically or socially. Another angle I could put across is how the experience of reading a book is better than e-readers and focusing on getting people with electronic sources of reading to pick a book back up.
The event that I was thinking of advertising was a large second hand sale book fair where a community could come together and sell their old books and invest in some new material. The event could include roll models of the teenagers sharing their favourite books which may get them involved in reading more and also there could be a form of competition where the there are reading materials that have belonged to these roll models of signed material from the authors.