Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Work from my second year at a level

 For my second year we had to select a charity to create some work for and I decided to make one up so that I was free to make decisions without being influenced by existing things. This image is of my mood board from the very start of the project. It includes a number of animal cruelty posters, some images of abused dogs and some pieces i did myself.

 A close up of the corgi from the image above shows that i created it with a collage of coloured images of many other dogs which i thought worked out quite effective.
 This image is of a spread from my sketch book on researchin existing dog charities, i used inks to stain the backgrounds of each page to make them link better to the information.

 This is an image of my artist research for the project and i recreated one of the artists pictures on the centre of the page using biro.

 on this picture you can see the design i came up with for my charity and i am experimenting with different colours and fonts.

 Again this is some of my sketchbook work where i was developing some ideas for my letter head.

 This is another artists page where i have focused on Christopher Gibbons style of illustrating dogs and applied it to some of my own drawings.

This is an image of a dog that I created using hama beads similar to the style of Ian Wright who i looked at on my artist research page

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