Monday, 30 January 2012

This is another quite interesting book associated stop motion. I like how the books seem to come to life when the store is closed, makes the idea of reading and books a lot more fun and appealing.
This is another stop motion viral that I have found. This is much more detailed than the previous example and I really like how you can see the pages cutting out and the book being built up.

After watching some of the work from last years level 5's I was reminded of this book trailer that Id seen a while back. The idea of the book coming to life and telling the story by its self is really cool and this trailer actually got me interested in this book so I think that a similar method would attract people and make them want to read.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Squirrel Sketch

This is just a little sketch I did while I was thinking about how I can make a greyscale poster look interesting, obviously has no relevance to my brief other than that its grey haha.
Cute little squirrels though right?

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Mailer Designs

Now that I have decided on a structure design I needed to decide on what was going onto my mailer design.
The design above was what I decided to have on the top faces of the connected boxes so that the structure had to be turned to view it.
This is an image of the information pannels that I placed in the hidden sided between the connected boxes. Each of these would be placed next to a cube with a structure inside of the place that they talk about.

Logo Alteration

For my mailer I decided that I was going to include the logo that I created on the previous project. However the initial design I had created wouldn't fit well onto the square structure so I have altered it slightly.
after completing the logo project I also found problems with the text choice so here I have changed the font to a typeface called Sathu. I think that this typeface has a much better balence throughout each letter form and gives the logo a better overall appearance. 

Designs for mailer

After making some mock ups I have decided to use the structure of the connected boxes for my mailer design. I think the idea of each cube representing different parts of the community coming together worked well.
I was also thinking about how I can make the design more interesting and thought about having structures inside of the cubes that the user could look through and discover through a window covered with accotate.