Thursday, 3 November 2011

Editorial First Set of Three

This is my first double page spread for the section of the book about the problem, although you've seen i before ive added a bit of colour to make it a little more interesting. Ive chosen red because people associate red with danger and i felt it would relate well to my topic.

This is the second spread and this time ive moved the girls face to the other side of the page. Again i have used red to make them look like a set. Also i have slightly lightened the background to the spread which i plan to do throughout all the designs.

Ok, although you cant really see where the text is on this design, there are four colums on the right hand page and im thinking of having some bullet points on the left hand page next to the face. Im not too sure about the possitioning of the word intimidation though, so let me know what you think :)


  1. i agree with jess and jeff, i like the use of yellow in your earlier design, the really acid colour against the greyscale looks so striking. also, love the quote placed in the "fear" heading, if it was in a lighter colour/grey, it would be really readable as well as well placed :)


  2. thanks simon :D its a pain in the bum doing stuff and not knowing whether its good or not, its nice to here what everyone else thinks :) so really appreciate it! x